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World first diet coaching mobile application for the patients after surgery, MyDAS (My Diet After Surgery) from Amazing Food Solution, Inc. Seoul, South Korea
2020-01-28 view : 92

Amazing Food Solution Inc., a data-driven nutrition management company, is showcasing a new mobile application called "MyDAS (My Diet After Surgery)." As the world’s first mobile application service to provide specialized dietary information after getting a surgery, MyDAS seeks to provide accurate and reliable information to enable patients to effectively manage their diet and recover quickly.


mobile app of MyDAS (My Diet After Surgery)


Amazing Food Solution Inc. (Seoul, South Korea. CEO_Grace Park, www.amazingfoodsolution.com) is participating in KIMES 2020 (The 36th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show) exhibition from March 19th to March 22nd at COEX, Seoul Korea. The company recently launched a new mobile application named “MyDAS (My Diet After Surgery).”


MyDAS consists of two parts: (1) a mobile app that tracks users’ food intake and provides nutritional guidance and (2) a web monitoring system for health professionals. The former provides automatically-generated, customized information about users’ daily meals based on the type and time of surgery that each user has undergone. In addition, users can take or upload photos of their meals to MyDAS. This allows professional, registered dietitians to provide weekly feedback on users’ diet. There is also a social aspect to the app, as users can publicly share photos of their daily diet, especially with other users who have undergone the same type of surgery.


The second aspect of MyDAS is its web monitoring system for health professionals. Amazing Food Solution is currently planning to launch an extended version of MyDAS’s web administrator’s system which would be synced with various healthcare devices. This will generate real-time reports for health professionals and will also provide real-time dietary feedback to users based on their changing health conditions.


“Many of the patients who have gone through surgeries usually have a lot of questions about their dietary life. However, most of them are having a hard time getting precise and reliable information,” says Grace Park, CEO of Amazing Food Solution. “I really hope that MyDAS mobile app can be a practical and helpful solution for those people who need dietary management after surgeries.”


Amazing Food Solution Inc. has been established in 2018 as a total healthcare solution company in nutrition management field. Since then, the company built robust food and dietary databases and has been providing both online and offline nutrition solutions based on the data generated from these databases. The company also has its own food-tech brand, Market OnOff (www.marketonoff.com), which specializes in providing customized healthy meal plans through its online delivery system as well as nutrition consultation services.


personalized meal plans of Market OnOff