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IBEX Medical Systems at KIMES 2020: The future of hyperbaric oxygen chamber
2020-01-28 view : 101

IBEX Medical Systems Co., Ltd. a hyperbaric oxygen chamber manufacturer located in Korea, republic of, will show their IBEX hyperbaric chamber series and A.B.T.RIDE® technology at KIMES 2020 Seoul(March 19 – 22), presenting the advanced medical technology for the future of hyperbaric chamber.



Hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a medical device specialised to supply high oxygen environment by increasing pressure and oxygen level in a chamber. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a well established treatment for various medical conditions known as; serious infections, various refractory wounds and decompression sickness, especially in US, Europe, Japan and China.


As a leading company in Korean medical hyperbaric chamber market, IBEX Medical Systems not only manufactures Mono and Multiplace hyperbaric chamber but also develops HBO specialized software. The company recently announced that they succeeded in developing A.B.T.RIDE®, a world first anti barotrauma solution. Middle ear barotrauma is the most common side effect of hyperbric chamber treatment, it occurs when increasing inner chamber supply pressure. This symtom will cause pain to the patient and potentially increases complexity during operation. A.B.T.RIDE®, an innovative technology, automatically controls pressure level before patient experiences the pain. A.B.T.RIDE® focuses on improving safety of the treatment and reduces the pain According to the research, A.B.T.RIDE® prevents middle ear barotrauma thus helps patients’ acceptability of the treatment.


IBEX is now preparing to introduce its products to Europe and other Asia countries. The company will get CE marks in coming April, 2020.