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JS-on Co.,Ltd. exhibit ‘HIPER-500’ and ‘HIPER-1000’ which is effective in curing pain
2020-02-03 view : 85

JS-ON CO.,LTD.(www.js-on.co.kr) participate in KIMES(36th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show) that is held in COEX in March 19th~22th and exhibit ‘HIPER-500’ and ‘HIPER-1000’ which is effective in curing musculoskeletal pain.


‘HIPER’, pain treatment machine is to transmit wave energy into the human body, and it can induce friction of ions and molecules, and be changed deep heat, is used to relief musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. It has been secured safety and effectiveness by minimizing adverse effects which is occurred when patient is received treatment through insulation with electrodes special material coating and our patented technology ‘A-IPM’.


HIPER-500 and Probes


It has been obtained a patent on ‘Hot heat medical apparatus using radio frequency’, and currently the patent is registered in Australia, Japan, Vietnam or pending in 6 countries such as U.S, Europe, India. Three abroad SCI papers were submitted based on the result of the clinical trials of arthritis at KOREA UNIVERSITY ANAM HOSPITAL, back pain at SAMSUNG MEDICAL CENTER, shoulder joint pain at JEONBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL. 2 theses were published in SCI-level international journals such as ‘Pain Research & Management’ and ‘Pain Medicine’. And HIPER is used in the rehabilitation and physical therapy division of local clinic and general hospital.


HIPER-1000 and Probes


JS-ON CO.,LTD. has been researching and developing consistently upgraded model using own source technology. And they actively are working not only to extend domestic market but also to enter the overseas market.