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Seawon Meditech to Showcase BEAT STIM (Neuroplaty) & CLAUDICARE(Foraminoplaty)
2020-02-05 view : 93

Seawon Meditech Co., Ltd (President Chang Young Kim, www.seawonmt.com) will participate in the KIMES 2020 international Medical Devices & Hospital Facility Exhibition for four days from March 19, 2020 to 22, 2020 to present the “BTS” for neuroplaty using electrical stimulation in epidural space and the "CLAUDICARE" for percutaneous neurolysis and foraminoplaty.




BTS (BEAT STIM) is licensed by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drugs for steerable catheter (A57220.17, Grade 3) to relieve pain. The catheter used to inject drugs into the epidural cavity is easy to make bi-directional adjustments in the epidural cavity. In addition, the medical high-frequency heat generator allows accurate treatment by transmitting electrical impulses to the lesion and identifying them in close proximity to the pain area, and the temperature sensor enables safe treatment. The minimally invasive procedure, which is carried out with a simple partial anesthesia, ends in less than an hour, reducing the burden on patients, and short recovery periods.




CLAUDICARE, a neurolysis product in the Foraminoplasty, was jointly developed by Sewon Meditech and Prof. Shim of the anesthesiology department at Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, registered as a patent for the epiglottic dilation of the spinal cord and the above cannula (No. 10-1737997) and obtained a CE certificate in July of 2019.

 Froaminoplaty is a procedure that uses fine tips to approach several factors (discs, ligaments, bones, etc.) that cause nerve stress to the deep part of the intervertebral ball to treat the cause of pain and expand the nerve ball to maintain joint motility and relieve nerve pressure.

 CLAUDICARE is a disposable product consisting of ‘All in one kit’ and is easy to use, reducing patient burden. In addition, the benefits of the minimally invasive procedure are rapid healing without damage to surrounding tissue.