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INCORE CO., LTD exhibits 'disposable endoscopic medical devices and hemostatic dressing, HEMOBLOCK'
2020-02-14 view : 57

INCORE CO., LTD (CEO Dong-Tak Kim, www.incoremedi.com) participated in the 36th International Medical Equipment & Hospital Equipment Exhibition (KIMES2020) from March 19 (Thu) to 22 (Sun) and exhibits disposable endoscopic medical devices and hemostatic dressing, HEMOBLOCK.


Endoscopic medical devices consist of six lineups.



Core-forcep that captures tissue in the stomach, colonscopy.Core-snare that removes polys, Core-injector used when injecting medicine, and Core-clip that has an effective hemostatic function, and Core-knife required for small cancer removal operation called ESD. There is Core-hotbioopsy used electricity, that has same function as Core-forcep.



HEMOBLOCK is suitable for delivery to general hospitals and can be made largely for military, and can be ordered in various lineups.


CE (TUV SUD) was certified for disposable endoscopes-Forcep, Snare, and Injector in March 2019.


Disposable Endoscope Clip, knife, hotbiopsy is going to get certificates from CE (TUV SUD) in FEB 2020. HEMOBLOCK will be certified by the US FDA in August 2020.

INCORE Co., Ltd. produces a variety of medical devices and medical supplies such as safe disposable endoscopy devices with no risk of infection, and various hemostatic gauze for topical hemostasis.


By researching and developing devices, the company is securing a differentiated competitiveness based on R & D, leading the development of the endoscope medical device field, and growing into a promising company.